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LGBT Britain - The nightlife will keep you on the move while the history will enchant you—and let’s not even get started on the shopping! Isn't it time you came out... to Britain?

We know that LGBT travelers come in every color of the rainbow. Some visit new places to taste exotic local cuisines, others go for the culture and spend hours exploring museums and galleries. And some seek out the unparalleled night scene in Britain, searching for the best place to dance and drink the night away.

Britain is full of contrasts; whichever direction you travel you will find a wide variety of landscapes and diverse cultures to explore. From the massive LGBT scenes in London, Brighton and Manchester to cultural and stylish Glasgow and Cardiff, Britain is a country of unique cities each with their own customs, cultures and traditions. Whatever the motivation, come see for yourself why Britain is the top LGBT international destination for travelers.

With so much to see and do and great money saving offers, there has never been a better time to visit LGBT Britain. Visit our website www.visitbritain.com for more information. Follow us on Facebook and our Blog for the latest on LGBT Britain.



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Our Mission Statement

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We have carefully chosen our partners after ensuring they meet the quality standards you deserve and the ethos of our exclusive Pink Approved™ program.

These are some key reasons why these partners have been selected:

Dedication – to couples, friends and family
Commitment – to equality and service
Passion – for quality and diversity

With their passion for diversity and the commitment to ensure equality, combined with the ability to present their services globally makes our partners unique and special.

Even in a market that maybe young, attention to detail is vital, that’s why only the very best service will do.

With our partners, we continue our drive to eradicate discrimination of any form across the globe.

Our Pink Approved™ concept ensures quality, reliability and the assurance that for every supplier, vendor, airline or hotel you make contact with, you will experience a team that is there to provide you great service regardless of your sexual orientation.