Our Partners

DIVA magazine

DIVA is now known the world over as the leading edge lesbian brand.

The magazine now maintains a circulation of 55,000 copies each month and retains Tier 3 status. Each issue is read by 2.6 people on average, making DIVA’s readership 105,000.

It is distributed through retail and subscriptions.

DIVA offers its readers features, interviews, news, opinion, culture, stars, humour and human-interest sections. There are regular lifestyle features including fashion, travel, arts reviews, opinion, an events diary, and new products.

Reviews cover cinema, books, DVDs and music, all from a lesbian perspective. It contains the same mix as most lifestyle magazines, but from a lesbian perspective: icons, celebrities, real life stories, fashion, arts reviews and news – all presented in a stylish, glossy, full-colour format.



Gay Times magazine

Gay Times is Europe’s best selling gay magazine.

First seen in 1984, Gay Times has been tweaked and polished to ensure a more stylish, compelling read than ever before. Complete with a fresh layout, editorial tone and logo, it maintains a political voice - reporting and commenting on issues affecting gay men the world over, but today it is as much about enjoying and celebrating gay life.

With a professional readership in excess of 177,000 every issue and over 60,000 monthly unique web site visitors each month, GT is the preferred choice for established brands like PinkAproved seeking to reach the affluent gay male consumer.





PASSPORT Magazine takes great pride in being Americas #1 Gay and Lesbian Travel Magazine, covering domestic and international destinations for a savvy and sophisticated audience.

PASSPORT steps outside the mundane travel genre while concentrating on both the traditional and developing interests of our readers from a personal and experiential perspective. PASSPORT is the source for unbiased travel writing on topics pertinent to the gay/lesbian traveler.

PASSPORT also extends its reach beyond print to www.passportmagazine.com. Here is where you will find PASSPORT TV. Travel related videos take our readers where they want to go and ask the questions they want answered (from a personal guided tour off the beaten track of a favorite city, or a behind the scenes look of cover photo shoots, and so much more.)

There is also our Global Cocktail Blog for travel news as it happens. Whether travelling for leisure or business, or looking for the best cruises or spas around the world, PASSPORT has it covered. PASSPORT gives readers a unique blend of culture, fashion, news, and much more.




Gay Marriage Watch

Gay Marriage Watch covers all the news they can find every day about marriage equality and gay rights worldwide.

They offer our news updates via our online blog, twitter feed, and facebook page, and we also send out a daily email newsletter.


You'll also find one of the most comprehensive guides to marriage equality and gay rights events - meetings, rallies, fundraisers, and much more. If you want to keep up to date on marriage equality, visit Gay Marriage Watch!



Our Mission Statement

Pink approved logo

We have carefully chosen our partners after ensuring they meet the quality standards you deserve and the ethos of our exclusive Pink Approved™ program.

These are some key reasons why these partners have been selected:

Dedication – to couples, friends and family
Commitment – to equality and service
Passion – for quality and diversity

With their passion for diversity and the commitment to ensure equality, combined with the ability to present their services globally makes our partners unique and special.

Even in a market that maybe young, attention to detail is vital, that’s why only the very best service will do.

With our partners, we continue our drive to eradicate discrimination of any form across the globe.

Our Pink Approved™ concept ensures quality, reliability and the assurance that for every supplier, vendor, airline or hotel you make contact with, you will experience a team that is there to provide you great service regardless of your sexual orientation.